Gray Council - Dawn of War

Arriving in Overlook

As the group removes itself from the jungle, in the distance they can now see the vastness of Overlook, the Dwarven capital city. As they draw closer, they pass through the likes of Shantydown, on the outskirts of the capital. Pickpocketers and family striken with poverty line the streets outside the great walls of the city.

They move inside the gates of the city and quickly head to the local tavern for rest, as the gathering is not till the morning. The streets of Blister, a common-folk area of the city, seems bustling with more adventurers then usual. Occasional fights break out in the streets, as the straggling pickpocketers choose the wrong targets.

After a long night of hearing a drunken Aesop moan about why short swords will always be better then axes, the group decided to head to the High Hall. The streets of the high hall are bustling with a large number of adventurers, as well as the usual bureaucrats, functionaries, messengers, and palanquins bearing representatives from other districts.

Everyone convinces in the council chambers in the high hall, and prepares to hear from the Council of Elders. Megan Swiftblade of the Megan Swiftblade, comes up to you and welcomes you.

“Glad you could come, from what I hear war is on the horizon. Even the Farstriders have shown up to join the bat….” – Megan Swiftblade

In the middle of your conversation, the youngest of the council of elders, Cadrick, starts to address the crowd:

Welcome to High Hall friends. I am Elder Cadrick. I don’t much see the point in bandying words, so I’ll lay it out for you. War is upon us. A great host of orcs comes from the west. Their intention is clear. They will come through the mountains bent on slaughter. Those they spare can look forward to a short life of slavery. Overlook, and Bordrin’s Watch in the mountains, have long held fast against these raids, but our scouts say never has such an army gathered. Thus, we turn to you brave souls to help defend not only Overlook, but also all the Elsir Vale.

When the orcs arrive, we’re certain they will come up through the pass. We know this because already there have been attacks from the tunnels below, compromising the fastness. The defenders have fought back the savages, but it’s clear the rest are coming and fast.

So here’s the plan. Durkik Forgeheart will lead the militias and most of you to bolster Bordrin’s Watch. Orc trailblazers infest the tunnels below, so we’ve tasked their security to the Farstriders. One more mission remains, though. We need a group to evacuate the monastery on the other side of the mountains. It’s dangerous work, what with the orcs and all, but priests need a warning of what’s coming if they don’t know already.

Do we have any volunteers?

The Gray Council stands in front of all the other adventurers and announces they will take the quest. Cadrick nod’s in acknowledgement to you, while Edgar Sommerfield, the leader of the Farstriders, angrily steps forward and says, “Should I remind the Council of our previous arrangement?” Cadrick responds with a nod and a placating gesture, thanks the Gray Council for their service, and dismisses the gathered crowd.

The elder speaks with the Farstrider’s leader for a few moments, after which Sommerfield storms out of the hall. Cadrick holds the Gray Council and promises them 1,000 gp upon their return.

“Quickly, we must head to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain before its to late!” – Pieter



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