Gray Council - Dawn of War

Back in Brindol

After the fight with the Ettercaps, and the unforunate finding of Kartenix dead corpse, the Gray Council decided to return to Brindol for an extended rest from battle. The trip back through the wilderness goes much more smoothly (XP 100), and they reach the town within 4 hours.


The group immediatly heads back to the Hall of Great Valor to give a update to councilman Eoffram Troyas. As you enter his chamber, another band of adventurers is currently talking with him. A short introduction reveals this group as The Freeriders. The High Council of the dwarven city of Overlook has put out a *CALL TO ARMS *for all adventuring partys in the Elsir Vale. Within the 10 days, everybody wishing to join is to meet in the High Hall.

“We are heading there immediatly tommorrow morning, it is a few days travel with horses so we should arrive early.”Megan Swiftblade

“I’m sure after you have completed your task with Eoffram, you would be more then welcome to join.”Ragnum Dourstone

“Yes there is still much work to be done! Only half of the prisoners have been rescued, and none of our precious artifacts. Please return to the Castle early tommorrow morning to finish your task, and you will be greatly rewarded!” Eoffram Troyas

The party readys themselves to head to The Silk and Spoon Inn for a goods night rest, and preparation for the morning. Before you leave the hall however, a new found friend has some last words for you.

“Be careful on the last leg of this journey, as I foresee you being much needed by my dwarven brothers in Overlook. Anytime you come to Brindol i’m sure I will have a few Potion’s of Healing for you guys. Of course you will have to pay me at least for materials, 20GP!”Adronsius



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