Gray Council - Dawn of War

Battle of the Monastery

The treacherous mountains to the west of Overlook holds the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. The travel to the monastery is long and hard. The twists and turns through the jagged rocks of the mountains can cause a long day to seem even longer for the adventurers.

Along the way, the party stumbles across a rabid pack of gnolls. Seeing the glint off the steel of the fighters axe, they quickly charge and pounce on the fighter, while the other party members do the best they can to attack the gnoll’s from behind.

“Simply a bump in the road, nothing more” says the fighter, as he wipes blood from his brow. “We must continue on our way and make sure we don’t run into any more….distractions.”

As the group nears the hammer peak of the mountain, in front of them they see large walls, and 50 ft tall steel edifice. The rogue goes up to the door and opens it, as the immediatly see a small group of Orc Sentries, chewing away on the flesh of killed dwarves. Two of the Orcs quickly jump to their feet and heave hand axes towards party, while the six smaller Orcs take defensive positions near their masters.

The wizard launches an orb of force power towards the orcs, which immediatly slays three of them. The remaining orcs battle with their axes until the death. It does not go unnoticed by the party however that orcs do hold true to their word of hitting extremelly hard. The blood stained handles of the door make it obvious the orcs have already made their way inside the monastery, the only thing left is to open it and go inside…

“We must take back this monastery if there is going to be any hope for the survival of the Elsir Vale! says Coffman, as he drops a haunch of the half-eaten leg of a dwarven child to the ground.

The massive doors of the monestary open to the Hall of Moradin. This chamber was used by the dwarves of the monestary to worship, evident by the large cracked anvil sitting atop a 20-foot tall alter. This relgious artifact has however now been desicrated with filth and gore smeared across it. Kneeling down behind the alter, finishing her final prayers toward Gruumish, is an Orc Witch Doctor. She belts out a large shreak towards you, as the light from outside cascades into the hall.

Aesop begins to make his way to the alter, but is stopped suddently by the sound of massive bolts being loaded. Above on the balcony around the temple, are a pair of orcs holding massive bows to their bellys. The bolts fly from their chambers and make contact with the halfing. Pieter and Coffman rush up the two sets of stairs to quickly confront the bolt throwers, while the witch doctor whispers curses of Gruumish towards the rest of the party.

Suddenly, from beneath a trap door near the alter, a large group of orc drudges, and an even larger orc leader arrise from beneath the chamber. They immediatly rush in towards the casters in the party. Witherspoon quickly launches a magical assult towards the pack…

“When will you learn insanity is no match for arcane intellgence.” – Witherspoon

An arcane orb of powers flings from the magical orb held by the wizard. Soon, only the leader of the new group of orcs remains standing. Once the minions fall, the rest of the group does not take much longer, as one of the bolt throwers is thrown from the balcony. The dwarf fighter also lightens the mood of the group, as he clumsly falls from the balcony in a brilliant effort of strength and agility.



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