Gray Council - Dawn of War

Good Cop, Bad Cop

After the Gray Council is assigned their quest, Eoffram Troyas informs the party that a captured hobgolbin from the raid is being held prisoner. Jumping at the opportunity, the party quickly heads to the cell for a quick interrogation of the hobgolbin Morrik. Initially, Morrik does not sound very open to divulging any information. Quickly however, Chant and Coffman begin a nice round of Good Cop and Bad Cop. With Chant using her Warlock bluff abilitys, and Coffman using his nack for intimidation, Morrik quickly informs the adventurers of Castle Rivenroar.

Using a badly drawn map drawn by the hobgolbin, the party leaves into the wilderness towards the northeast mountains Tracking The Goblins footsteps towards a new adventure!



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