Gray Council - Dawn of War

Out for a nice drink...

Everyone is out for a nice drink in Brindol’s famous Antler and Thistle Tavern. Having a drink at the bar is Aesop the Rogue, and Chant the Warlock. At a table sharing a nice appetizer and glaring into each others eyes are Witherspoon the Wizard, and Coffman the burly fighter. Having a drink with a friend from the Shrine of the Son is Pieter. Suddenly someone is thrown threw the window and a Hobgolbin bursts through the door…. Bar Fight!

After the fight in the tavern, the surviving adventures quickly help the bar maids put out the fire, while having a quick chat with the guards about what is happening. Suddenly, around the corner you see The Ogre Bombardier.

After defeating the massive beast, the party rushes to the bridge to help defend Brindol. The hobgoblins have already reatreated into the wilderness, leaving pretty noticable tracks behind. They head northeast towards the mountains.

The barkeep of the Antler and Thistle offers to purchase the group drinks on the house for the night. Pieter, who has been in town the longest, mentions the party should visit the Great Hall of Valor and talk to councilmember Eoffram Troyas in the morning.



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