Gray Council - Dawn of War

Rivenroar Catacombs (Day 1)

As the Gray Council approaches Castle Rivenroar, dark clouds are beginning to move into the sky to the west over the mountains. The party follows the golbin tracks to a large entrance that goes deep into the catacombs. After taking a quick peak around, it is decided to enter and begin the hunt for the lost prisoners.

The party comes down the stairway into the entrance chamber. Immediatly the party is pinned in a battle with goblin soldiers and sharpshooters. One of the sharpshooters opens the door to a north which causes the braziers to start movings, and having flames dance between them. After a drawn out battle, the goblins are defeated.

The decision is made to move through the east door, which says on the front “to Von Jallach”. Another fight quickly begins as the adventurers learn to avoid the large glowing runes on the floor. Swarms of drakes attach the party, while a invisible gnome lurks in the midst. After the battle, the party locates Adronsius chained to the wall.

The party decides to start following the directions of the alchemist, and heads back across the entrance chamber through the western doors which read: “To Von Urstadt”. What they run into next, in the room that, as Adronsius puts it “stinks of goblin” is the Goblin Warren. This resting quarters for the goblin army is quickly no match for the party, and especially the rogue Aesop, whom uses his acrobatics and agility to dispatch multiple foes in one fowl swoop!

“Down the chains we must go!”, shouts Aesop, obviously very pround of himself. If only he knew that in the Mushroom Chamber two extremelly un-happy rage drakes are lurking. With the fighter quickly taking damage, the group must make a change in strategy. The armor and reflexes of the group where no match for the 2 drakes, who where barly able to keep up in the last leg of the fight. At the end, the party discovers Zerriksa locked in a magic circle. Obviouslly that hobgoblins believed her to be some sort of witch, which Adronsius hints by his reactions they might hold some truth. She informs the group Kartenix has been killed, and that his son Thurann has been threatened with a knife to his throat.

Up the stairs the group travels, realizing where they are located when they come out the north door of the entrance chamber. They head back through the goblin barracks where they must come to a decision where to go next. Do they follow the directions lead by Adronsius, or head forward down the dark hallway. After having the rogue take a quick listen to the door (in which he hears a crackling sound, much like the one described by the dwarf), they go north into the darkness.

Around the corner they arrive into a room scattered with sarcophagi, this obviously is the Rivenroar Family Crypt! Hobgoblins immediatly initiate battle as sounds of footsteps are heard coming down the spiral staircase. “The rogue must be protected!”, shouts Coffman, knowing the wounds in which Aesop has taken. “I’ll take these two!”, as Chant alertly starts blasting away at helpless goblins. Eventually the room is slaughtered, and the group starts to wonder about how many more battles they can survive.

Through the southern doors the group travels, and around the corner they find a most evil chamber. Gnomes are here worshiping the Raven Queen, as they have dire rats feast on the toes of the helpless Mirtala. “By the light of Pelor, I give us a Beacon of Hope.”, says Pieter. This much needed surge of hope is just what the group needs to overcome it foes and rescue Mirtala.

“What is going on here you crazy old woman!”, while Coffman slaps her in the face. “Ignore him, we are just here to help you get back to your family.” says Pieter in a humble tone. Mirtala is convinced you are hear to do her no harm, and tells you a clue to where Sertanian is being held.

As you walk up the spiral staircase, the ground seems to get more and more sticky. The group approaches a door way and hears the rustling of beasts among webs. “How much do you want to bet this is where Kartenix is?”, says Chant. Bursting through the doors into the Spiderweb Landing, it is obvious these webs could prove annoying. The group is quickly hit with a lash of webs that immobilizes 3 of them. Quickly thinking on his feet, Witherspoon caues a massive chasm to form below the feet of 2 Ettercaps. “This will keep them occupied for awhile!”.

After the dust had cleared and webs had been ripped, only one party was standing, the Gray Council. A blank stare is seen across the face of Pieter as he pulls a holy symbol of the neck of his dead, father like Kartenix. And then the stare turns to a gleam of hope, as he notices it is the Symbol of Pelor. Light can be seen in his eyes brighter then the sun.



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