Gray Council - Dawn of War

Rivenroar Catacombs (Day 2)

The adventurers wake up in the morning eager to head back to Castle Rivenroar and finish their duty. This time, the trek back through the wilderness is much easier, having been there before. As they approach the entrance into the catacombs, Pieter suggests following the path Adronsius had set forth.

“To the room with the crackling sound we must head!”

The doors from the Goblin Warren open into a chamber with a shimmering portal. As the party investigates its surroundings, a castle is seen through the portal in the distance. Dazed by the essence of the portal, an Ochre Jelly slides his way into the Portal Room looking to consume! Aesop launches a flurry of blows that immediatly hurts the jelly, while 2 leeching Specter’s attempt to cheat away a quick victory. The cleric instinctively calls on his powers of the light to hurt and immobilize the dreadfull undead.

The council precedes through the western door of the room. The dark hallway they slowly start moving through smells like dead bodies and corpses. They turn the corner into an illuminated room that has several bodies laying on tombs, this must be the Von Urstadt Crypt. As Aesop sneaks toward the middle of the room, suddenly the northern most door swings open, and two flaming beasts appear. While the battle with fire continues, the invisible lurkers of the tomb make their presence known!

Everybody does their part as the battle is quickly resolved. In the room to the north the group finds Sertanian held prisoner in a jail cell. A quick pick of the lock by Aesop and he is freed.

“Just a few hard days, nothing more. Let’s get on with the rescue, shall we?” – Sertanian

The council concedes the only remaining places the rest of the prisoners could be held is up the stairs in the webbed room. As they slowly walk up the stairs, inscriptions on each step tell a story of death. When they reach the peak, they are immediatly greeted by several goblin guards.

“Masacre them! Let the blood run down from their vile throats!” – Sertanian

The old man was a soldier during the initial struggle against the Red Hand of Doom, so he does not seem to take much a liking for our hobgoblin friends. Witherspoon quickly dispatches multiple goblin’s when his arcane powers of the orb. Out of the southern door of the Von Adrez-Kauthin Crypt arrises a goblin with arcane powers to match. Hexes are immediatly placed on the fighter, causing his feet to feel heavy and fill with pain when he moves. However hexes and curses will not stop this group, whom follow Sertanian’s “advice”, and slaughter everybody.

Coffman opens the southern doors to find the acolyte Jalissa chained to the wall. No match for his dwarven strength, he rips the shackles off the wall. Jalissa is more the gracious, as she begins clinging and following Coffman’s every move, looking supsicious of all others in the council, and especially Sertanian!

Moving forward, the party chooses the north door of the 2nd floor entrance room. The encounter an intersection an cautiously begin to search for the next route to go. Witherspoon casts a cantrip that lights up the room below the stairs, while Coffman puts his ear to the western door and heres the shackling of chains in the room. Suddenly, the eastern door swings open, it is now obvious you have disturbed this forsaken crypt.

Thurann is seen in the room chained to a fountain, awaiting the party to slay the undead that protect these halls. Towards the end of the battle, the undead creatures enter a room with a rejuvinating sunburst that pulses with necrotic energy. The healing powers of death however are no match for our fellowship of the light!

“Thanks for the rescue guys, now lets go find my dad!” – Thurann

After a long conversation with Pieter, the boy decided to follow the group, although he is obviously upset. Pieter tells the group he is unsure whether the child actually believes his father could have been killed.

As the group walks through the large column hallway to the north from the crypt, they encounter a room with a massive golden throne. This must have been the audience chamber for the Rivenroar family. Sitting on the throne is the ruler of the the undead inside the crypt, and he doesn’t look to happy to see you disturbing him. Rising from the remains are several skeletons and corpses, as their master sends bolts of nectrotic energy flinging towards the group.

The wizard and warlock quickly launch a aerial magic assault on the leader, sending him to his own death quickly. The rest of his servants are wiped out of existence quickly after their leader has been destroyed. Several treasures are found in the room places upon the walls, including an orb the wizard can use laying on the remains of the wight.

The group moves slowly down another hall way where they encounter a demon that seems to be enclosed in some sort of invisible barrier. The demon quickly attempts to break-through the walls of this guardian chamber. Around the northern corner appears 2 humanoid figures who appear to be transforming into large dire beasts. After shouting a command word the barrier is dropped an the carnage demon starts hunting his prey!

The Wererats quickly infest the most holy member of the group with disease. The plague quickly spreads across several group members as the party seems in serious trouble.

“Go to sleep now you filthy varmits!” – Witherspoon

The eyes of the beasts become heavy, as there attacks and movement slow to halt. One of the beasts falls unconcious to the floor and is quickly battered by the group. With the demon focusing the brunt of its attacks on Coffman, Aesop unleashes a flurry of strikes to the back of the spine. The demon falls to the floor in bloody ruins from the stabs of the blade.

The council moves forward down the dark halls and enters the dark Shrine of Vecna. It is obvious the evil landlords of Castle Rivenroar layed a being of worship to rest in this protected tomb. Kneeling before the altar is an arcane gnome, whom immediatly turns around and sends his skeleton minions hurling towards our adventurers.

As the skeletons attempt to consume the group, the gnome launches dark curses, illusions, and feelings of fear towards the party. One of the skeletons bursts with shards of bones flinging in every direction toward the group, wounding many. Coffman storms towards the staircase by the alter and delivers a blow to the gnomes head, dazing him and removing him from combat. While near the entrance the rogue is dancing and dodging flying shards of bone.

At the end of the battle, Chant approaches the tomb and kneels before it, saying a sinister prayer. As the tomb opens, Pieter grasps his mace, ready to intervene. Muttering beneath his breath as the warlock is filled with necrotic energy, healing her wounds. A blade of pure evil is bestowed upon the warlock…

“Keep that thing away from me, or it won’t be the only thing in this room that smells of death.” – Pieter

It is now time for the party to track down the hobgolbin chieftan Sinruth, and put an end to the evil in these catacombs once and for all. They enter through the western door of the 2nd floor entrance chamber. Immediatly, they come across a room with rune’s scattered across the floor, and a flaming crack in the middle. Sounds of booming get closer and closer, and soon the door flings off its hinges. It is apparent the group has found Sinruths Abode. The hobgoblin warrior, wearing spiked armor, and wielding a massive spiked chain, immediatly starts attacking the rogue and fighter, wrapping his chain around their necks and pulling them close.

The warlock is the last to feel the sting of the chains blades, as she is sucked into the fray. The blistering sting of cold stings at the feet of the party, as the rogue throws some strikes to re-position Sinruth on top of the flames. The wizard and warlock both unleash their magical arsenal, while the fighter forces the hobgoblin master to stand his ground.

As the battle starts looking long winded, the cleric jumps into the middle and unleashes the forces of Pelor, healing everybody in the party, and making Sinruth feel weak for his evil ways. He falls to various blades and axes of the group, as the Gray Council stands victorious. Pulled from the pockets of the leader, is a poorly written Letter To Sinruth.

“Our quest is completed, back to Brindol we must head and get some much needed rest.” – Coffman

“Yes, I feel the dwarves in Overlook are going to require are help, or the entire Elsir Vale might fall to the hands of the Orcs. It is a few days travel, so we must leave prepared for anything that might greet us on our journey.” – Pieter

Major Quest, Rivenroar Prisoners: 500xp, 200gp

Minor Quest Completed, Red Hand Artifacts: 100xp, 200gp



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