Gray Council - Dawn of War

The Long Journey to Overlook

The Gray Council’s return to Brindol with both the victims and the treasure is met with a round of applause from the council. Eoffram Troyas holds true to his word and gives you gold from the cities treasury. Immediatly however, the task at hand turns toward the grim path towards Overlook.

“We must head to Overlook at once and meet with the Dwarven elders!” – Coffman

The long journey towards Overlook will take about a week, which should allow the party to arrive just in time for the meeting foretold by the Freeriders. The group leaves in the morning, and must cross the mountains and jungle that lie between Brindol and Overlook. The path through the mountains proves to be no challenge, however the dense jungle holds more then a few surprises.

As a small muddy path winds through the rainy forest, it opens into a clearing with a large magical Jungle Temple. As the party moves towards the temple, it is clear this is the domain of a magical beast, as it is protected by a lone guard drake. Suddenly a youthful green dragon springs from his new found home, and sends clouds of toxis gas and poison towards the party. Flying overhead he swoops down and attacks members with his claws, quickly incapaciting the rogue who got a little to close.

The dragon finally decides to land and greet the dwarf of the party with a large bite to chest, and a quick swipe of his tail. However, Witherspoon, the lone Eladrin of the party who has been hiding in the density of the trees, decides to take action! With a magical aura filling his eyes, the stare of the wizard is caught directly by the dragon’s young eyes…

“Go to sleep my friend, you shall bother us no more.” – Witherspoon

The dragon falls to the ground unconcious, as the group see’s it opportunity to the end fight before the beast re-awakens! The warlock and rogue send magical streams and sharp edged shurikans flying towards the dragon, whom is quickly pulverized and left deceased.

As the group continues it’s way towards Overlook, a sigh of relief is felt throughout the party. However the challange that awaits the party next, it is soon to realize, could change the fate of the Elisr Vale forever…



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