Castellan of the Hall of Great Valor


Current Status: Rescued.

Hint: Sertanian is the only captive who can identify the treasures from the Hall of Great Valor on sight (they’ve been his responsibility for years). He also knows that Mirtala the cook is being held downstairs in a chamber near a spiral staircase with frescos on the walls. The hobgoblins sent Sertanian away (perhaps a day ago— Sertanian has lost track of time), saying that the plump Mirtala will make a better meal. And he suspects that Kartenix is dead; Kartenix told Sertanian a couple of days ago that he was going to try to overpower the ettercap guarding him the following morning by pretending to be asleep. But then they moved Kartenix, so Sertanian doesn’t know where he is.



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