Alchemist (Brindol)


Current Status: Rescued from Rivenroar (Located in alchemist shop in Brindol)

Adronsius was able to tell you that he knows Mirtala is currently alive, he however does not know her location.

He also was able to give the following description about the wherabouts of Jalissa.

“down the stairs, straight across the entry chamber, turning left in the room that smelled of goblin, then left again in the room with the crackling sound, around two right corners, then through a room that smelled of the dead, then up the stairs to a room with a sticky floor, right and up another set of stairs, then through a dusty room and left through a door. That good enough directions for ya?”

After his rescue he offers you Potions of Healing for the discounted price of 20gp every time you are in Brindol. It takes him 3 days to make each potion.



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