Hall of Moradin

The dome of this massive chamber features a brilliant mural of dwarves fighting giants in what looks like the same mountains through which you have traveled. At the center of the room is a dais ringed with blood-spattered steps. Atop it stands a cracked anvil, clearly an altar, but now desecrated by dripping gore and smears of filth. A hideous orc crone dressed in tattered rags screeches when she sees you, hopping from one leg to the other in outrage.

Aesop enters the chamber…

You spot movement coming from the balcony overhead— a figure wielding an impossibly large crossbow in two hands drools with excitement as it levels the weapon at you.

Illumination: Two braziers atop the dais fill the room with bright light.

Ceiling: The ceiling stretches 140 feet overhead.

Balcony: Two staircases (difficult terrain) lead up to a balcony that overlooks the hall. Characters on the balcony gain cover from attacks made from below.

Sunken Areas: Stairs lead down to sunken seating areas filled with pews. The pews are packed densely enough to count as difficult terrain in any space containing a pew.

Dwarf Corpses: The remains of the brave dwarf priests and paladins litter the floor, their blood cooling on the stone floor.

Dais: The steps leading up to the dais count as difficult terrain.

Altar: On the center of the dais is a large altar dedicated to Moradin, cut from black basalt and carved to resemble a large anvil. The orc witch doctor has desecrated the holy stone, smearing excrement on its surface and mingling the filth with the spilled entrails of murdered priests. Orcs in spaces adjacent to the defaced altar gain a +1 power bonus to their attack rolls.

Hidden Door: The altar slides on a cunningly crafted base to reveal a staircase going down. Normally, a DC 25 Perception check is required to find the hidden door, but the orcs coming through it reveals its presence to any who can see them when they first emerge.

Steps and Dais: Statuary, rubble, bones, trees, crates, boxes, and so on are on the steps and dais.

Hall of Moradin

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