Honor Guard Crypt

Enter the eastern door:
This room has alcoves full of skeletal remains along the south wall, plus an annex with a fountain and a tied-up boy to the east.

Go down the northern stairway:
A still pool of water dominates this room, which is noticeably more humid than others inside the catacombs. A sheen of water droplets covers the walls.

Enter the western door:
The middle of this room has a sunburst mosaic in it. Passageways head west then north, north then east, and due east.

Scrying Pool Room: If disturbed, the pool of water in the center of the room shows faint images of many of the rooms in the catacombs. Rather than ordinary ripples, the waves and ripples form crude but recognizable images.

Sunburst: When any creature crosses the threshold to enter the room, the sunburst design set into the flow turns black and the lights dim. Undead creatures that start their turn on a square that’s part of the black sunburst regain 5 hit points.

Wall Inscriptions: Carved into the walls is this repeating message: “Honor the Heroic Guardians of Rivenroar.”

Prisoner: Thurann, the 8-year-old son of the guard captain, is tied up at the base of the still fountain in the eastern room.

Treasure: 260gp

XP Earned: 650

Honor Guard Crypt

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