Interrogating Morrik

Just as the guards said, there’s a lone hobgoblin in stocks and shackles here. His wounds from last night’s battle have been bandaged, but a number of tomatoes on the ground near him and on the surface of the stocks indicate that his treatment hasn’t been completely kind.

He takes one weary look at you and says, “I ain’t saying nothin’ unless you people let me go.”

Resolution: The Gray Council learns that Sinruth is the leader of the goblins, and he eventually wants to raise an army and carve out a fiefdom of his own. The goblins are using catacombs under the ruins of Castle Rivenroar as a base for now. Morrik and the other hobgoblins were ordered to take prisoners during the raid to give to the “undead horrors” that guard part of the goblins’ lair. Morrik draws a crude map of the mountain path that leads to Castle Rivenroar.

Morrik doesn’t know anything about the treasures taken from the Hall of Great Valor. “Must have been Sinruth himself, I suppose, because he didn’t say anything about it,” he says.

XP Earned: 200

Interrogating Morrik

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