Lords of Rivenroar Audience Chamber

Two thrones sit along the north wall of this immense chamber. One has a rotting but still fleshy corpse on it, and the other has a bleached skeleton. Other piles of bone litter the ground.
The eyes of the fleshy corpse begin to glow. “Intruderssssss!” it lisps. “Consssssssume them!”

Thrones: They appear golden, but it’s just gilt.

Frescos: Paintings on the walls depict a series of older, robed humans, standing on clouds or riding chariots through the sky. The faces are more realistic than the other elements, suggesting that the art is intended as portraiture.

Treasure: +1 Orb of Sanguary Repercussions, Potion of Healing, 110gp

XP Earned: 500

Lords of Rivenroar Audience Chamber

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