Orc Sentries

A grand edifice rises above steep walls, which are about 50-feet tall. These walls encircle the compound and run up to the higher slopes of the mountain beyond.

The party looks up and notices smoke rising from the courtyard.

As the party passes through the large steel doors:

Near the gate, you see three bonfires burning, where gray and green-skinned savages cook haunches of meat that look suspiciously like arms and legs.

Illumination: At night, the cook fires shed bright light in a 20-square radius.

Ground: Fine sand covers the ground throughout the courtyard, and while somewhat slippery, it does not interfere with movement.

Stairs: Stairs lead to the battlements 10 squares above the battlefield. Refer to the temple map on page 28 for a larger look at the area.

Statues: Two rows of stone statues line the approach to the doors. Characters standing in a space adjacent to a statue gain cover. Climbing a statue requires a DC 10 Athletics check. Each statue has AC 22, other defenses 20; hp 50; resist 10 to all damage.

Massive Statues: Hulking statues of dwarf champions spread out from this approach. Statues provide total cover to those standing behind them. Climbing a massive statue requires a DC 15 Athletics check. Finally, each massive statue has AC 22, other defenses 20; hp 500; resist 10 to all damage.

Campfires: Any creature entering or starting its turn in one of these spaces takes 1d6 fire

Orc Sentries

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