Rivenroar Family Crypt

Five hobgoblins stand amid four stone sarcophagi in this chamber. A side chamber to the east has two marble altars. A spiral staircase made of wrought iron ascends from an alcove to the north. And there’s a hole in the floor in the northeast corner.

Altars: The altars are devoted to Bane. But astute observers notice that they weren’t always so—they’re originally altars to Vecna that the hobgoblins have “rededicated.”

Treasure: Belt of Vigor, 260 gp, 30 gp, 100 sp

Wall Inscription: Running around the walls near the ceiling is the following message, repeated every 10 feet or so: “Here lie the Rivenroars until the Day of the Black Sun. If you seek their monument, look at the lands around you.”

XP Earned: 525

Rivenroar Family Crypt

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