Shrine of Vecna

A massive lighted alter with a large sarcophagus makes it clear this room was used to worship the undead. A gnome stands near the tomb, worshipping it. While creeping their way towards the doorway are two boneshard skeletons.

Sarcophagus: Inside lays the corpse of a Warlock of Vecna holding a +1 Pact Blade. Any whom worship Vecna may make a religion check to remove the dark powers that protect it.

Chant bows down before the tomb of Vecna. As the necrotic energy keeping it seeled is temporarily removed, an undead hand stretches forth holding a gift.

Rivenroar Treasure: The ceremonial sword, the broken shields, and the battle standard are here.

XP Earned: 650

Shrine of Vecna

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