Von Jallach Crypt

A square bounded by glowing runes dominates the floor in this room. The east wall has two doors. The walls are covered with empty alcoves designed to hold dead bodies.

Lintel Inscription: At the top of the stairs leading to the tomb, “Von Jallach Family Tomb” is carved above the doorway.

Alcoves: The Von Jallachs never got to use this family crypt—Rivenroar Castle fell before they had a chance. But in the back corners of the alcoves in the room are the debris and detritus that the needlefang drakes have gathered into their nests.

Floor Runes: The runes pulse with light every few seconds.

Prisoner: Adronsius the alchemist is chained to the wall.

XP Earned: 525

Von Jallach Crypt

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