Von Urstadt Crypt

As Aesop enters the middle of the room:

One of the north doors swings open. Nothing comes through the doors, but after a few tense seconds, two fiery creatures appear, making the room uncomfortably hot—and dangerous.

Prisoner: Sertanian, the castellan of the Great Hall of Valor, is kept in one of the jail cells.

Alcoves: Alcoves on the north and south walls hold the skeletons of the Von Urstadt clan, once prominent in the region. An inscription along the east wall says “Hail Von Urstadts! Ascend with Glory!” and a dust-covered fresco on the west wall depicts human knights riding pegasi into the clouds. Some of the bodies in the alcoves were buried with treasure.

Treasure: +1 Terror Greataxe, 2 Potions of Healing, 100gp

XP Earned: 600

Von Urstadt Crypt

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